September 21, 2014

Woman says she was attacked

A Marathon woman, out walking her dog Friday just before 7 a.m. says she was attacked.

The victim said she was walking from her home on Stirrup Key Road toward Aviation Boulevard when she saw someone standing near a stop sign, near woods on Aviation and Stirrup Key Road. She said the person looked at her, then stepped back into the woods as if hiding.

She became nervous and started walking back home, but was confronted by the person who grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bushes. She began screaming for help and the person took off running toward Aviation Boulevard.

The subject, whom she believes was a black male, was wearing a red colored short sleeved shirt with dark pants or possibly long shorts. He was wearing some type of mask or bandana – possibly white – wrapped around his face.

Deputies responded to the area and searched for anyone matching the description. No one was found.

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