October 30, 2014

Halloween: be careful

With Halloween coming up tomorrow, the Sheriff’s Office would like to remind people to be extra careful while driving in the evening and nighttime hours. Also, if you plan to attend any parties or other activities, make sure you plan ahead to have a sober driver available if you plan to drink alcohol.

Deputies will be out county-wide to make sure kids who are trick-or-treating are safe. Parents should ensure that small children are accompanied by either older children or responsible adults, that they carry a flashlight if possible and that their costumes have some sort of reflective material to make them visible to drivers.

In the Lower Keys, Halloween coincides with the homecoming Key West High School football game. Because of this, there may be even more teens out and about than is usual for this holiday.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to caution parents and teens alike: serving alcohol to those under the age of 21 is illegal and you will be arrested if caught doing so. Possessing alcohol when you are under 21 is also illegal and is also an offense you can and will be arrested for.

Many teens think it is fun to throw eggs, shaving cream, toilet paper and other items at cars, homes and other people. Some also like to use spray paint to “tag” property. Our officers will be out on Halloween night performing extra patrols for such activity. This type of activity is criminal mischief and, as such, is against the law. If we catch you, you will be arrested. The only time any of this type of behavior is legal would be as part of an organized, adult supervised activity with everyone involved a willing participant.

Merchants in the Florida Keys are asked to refrain from selling large amounts of shaving cream, spray paint and/or eggs to young people to help us to curtail this destructive behavior.

In Marathon, there will be a few road closures on Halloween night to increase the safety of pedestrians and children. Between sunset and 10 p.m., the intersections of Aviation Boulevard and Dolphin, Marlin and Harbor Drives will be closed. Residents with identification showing them live on these streets will be allowed to pass.

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