October 13, 2014

Scammers strike again

The Sheriff’s Office took a report of a local business owner who lost money to a scammer.

It is a scam which the Sheriff’s Office and Keys Energy Services have talked about many times in the recent past. The victim owns a business on Ramrod Key. She received a call Friday afternoon from someone claiming to be from Keys Energy Services. The caller said she hadn’t paid her electric bill and  there was a crew on the way to turn off her power. He told her the only way to keep the power on was to pay the balance of the bill with a cash card.

The victim bought a cash card for the balance he said she owed. She then called him and gave him the confirmation number from the card so he would be able to access the money. After she got off the phone with the scammer, she called Keys Energy Services to check with them. They told her she’d been the victim of a scam.

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