October 31, 2014

Two arrested for drugs

Two men were arrested in Marathon Thursday afternoon after they were found to have marijuana and cocaine.

Deputy Kendall Bailey was on patrol at 4:20 p.m. As he was patrolling, he was keeping an eye out for suspects that might be involved in committing an earlier crime. A notice to be on the lookout for a male and a female had been issued, with a description and the possibility they might be heading for a local hotel.

Deputy Bailey spotted a truck with a male and female sitting in the bed of the truck. They fit the BOLO description so he stopped behind the truck when it pulled in to a gas station. The deputy began asking questions of the couple in the back. The male told him they were headed for the Holiday Inn. When Deputy Bailey looked into the back of the truck, he saw a zip lock bag. Inside the bag were smaller bags with a white powder inside.

Other officers arrived as back up. Further investigation turned up marijuana, more cocaine and a large amount of cash in several different areas – in the truck, in the bed of the truck and in the pocket of the male suspect, who was identified as 26 year old Christopher Cepero of Marathon.

The driver of the vehicle said he did not know who the couple was. He said his passenger, 27 year old Jonathan Guzman of Marathon, asked him to give the couple a ride. He said Guzman also asked him to hold a large amount of cash for him. The drive handed the cash over to Deputy Bailey. A duffel bag belonging to Guzman was found to contain more marijuana and cocaine.

Cepero was charged with possession with intent to sell 18 bags of cocaine weighing 11.3 grams. He was also charged with possessing 54.8 grams of marijuana. Guzman was charged with possession with intent to sell 18.9 grams of cocaine and possession of 89.2 grams of marijuana. Two rolls of cash – a total of $5,220 – were seized as the possible proceeds of drug sales.

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