November 14, 2014

Two arrested after they pawn coins that belong to pawn shop employee

Two men are under arrest in Marathon after they tried to pawn coins that belonged to an employee of the pawn shop. Investigations also revealed a connection to several vehicle burglaries and a residential burglary in the Marathon area.

The employee of Joe’s Pawn shop, Roger Hall, told Deputy Nick Whiteman he noticed his truck had been entered before going to work Thursday morning. He said cash and some old foreign coins were missing from the truck, but he didn’t report the incident to the Sheriff’s Office.

But when 23 year old Jesus Barreto of Marathon and 23 year old Shean Palmer of Miami entered the pawn shop at noon Thursday with some old coins, he recognized the coins as his. He confronted the two men about it, and then called the Sheriff’s Office.

Victim Roger Hall holds a tray of the coins stolen
from his truck. Two men came into the pawn shop
where Hall works and tried to pawn them. They
were arrested.
Barreto and Palmer left the shop and were found a short time later at McDonald’s restaurant. Barreto chose not to speak to officers, but Palmer agreed to talk. He said he and Barreto were together in the early morning hours. He said Barreto told him he was going to do some “hits and licks”, which Palmer said meant that Barreto was going to do some vehicle and residential burglaries. Palmer produced a phone and a tablet computer from his backpack which he said Barreto later gave to him to hold.

At about the same time, Detective Michael Sielicki was investigating a residential burglary at 751 63rd Street West in Marathon. Items taken from the home included a phone and tablet computer. A photo of the victim of the burglary was found on the home screen of the phone in Palmer’s backpack.

At the residential burglary scene, Detective Sielicki found an envelope with a car registration in it. On the registration was a name and address from a neighbor down the street. Detective Sielicki left his card for the neighbor and the neighbor called him a short time later. The neighbor confirmed both his cars had been entered during the night. The victim said he has video surveillance. He allowed detectives to view it. On the video, they saw a man enter one of the cars at the home and rummage through it. The clothing worn by the man on the video matched that worn by Barreto when he was found at McDonald’s.

Barreto was charged with burglary of an occupied structure, burglary of a conveyance, grand theft, dealing in stolen property and theft. Palmer was charged with grand theft, theft and dealing in stolen property.

Detectives are still investigating several more burglaries in Marathon overnight. There may be further charges against the two men.

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