December 30, 2014

Gun confrontation with naked neighbor results in arrest

A man frustrated with his neighbor over loud music confronted him in the street with a gun early this morning and was arrested.

When deputies arrived on Palm Drive, Bay Point at 1 a.m., they found 29 year old Thomas Kerrigan pointing a loaded .44 magnum at his 56 year old neighbor, who was lying on the street completely naked. Kerrigan told Sgt. Trevor Wirth and Deputy Boyd Williams he was angry with his neighbor, who he says often plays loud music. He said on this occasion he walked down the street to pick up mail for a neighbor who is out of town. He said he heard loud music coming from the victim’s residence. He said he took the mail back to his home and retrieved the loaded firearm. He then went to the victim’s house to confront him.

Kerrigan said he pounded on the side of the residence and the victim came out of the house, naked. Kerrigan said he was startled and retreated into the street with the victim following. He said at one point, the victim came so close to him he had to push him away.

Kerrigan ordered the victim onto the ground, and then yelled for his girlfriend to call the Sheriff’s Office. When the officers arrived, they found Kerrigan still armed, holding the victim at gunpoint in the roadway. The officers said both men showed obvious signs they had been drinking alcoholic beverages.

Kerrigan was arrested. He was charged with carrying a concealed firearm and improper exhibition of a firearm. He was booked into jail.

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