December 8, 2014

Key Colony Beach man arrested for illegal dumping

A man from Key Colony Beach was arrested after he was caught dumping a large amount of yard waste at the end of Pescayo Avenue in Marathon.

The Sheriff’s Office was patrolling in the area of Coco Plum Drive on Friday just before 11 a.m. because of numerous complaints from residents in the area of illegal dumping. While on patrol, Sgt. Joel Slough saw a black Lincoln truck parked at the end of Pescayo Avenue. As he approached in his patrol car, the truck left the area. At that point, Sgt. Slough saw several piles of yard waste dumped in the area the truck had just left. One large pile appeared to be fresh tree trimmings.

Sgt. Slough followed the truck and pulled it over at the intersection of Coco Plum Drive and highway U.S. One. The driver was identified as 64 year old Lawrence Blessinger. There was also a female passenger in the truck. Blessinger told the sergeant he’d been looking at homes in the area to rent for a special occasion. There were fresh tree trimmings in the back of the truck which matched that dumped on Pescayo Avenue.

The passenger was interviewed. She told officers Blessinger hired her to do landscaping work for him at his Key Colony Beach home. She said he had driven them to Pescayo Avenue on several occasions to dump yard waste. She was taken back to Pescayo Avenue where she identified the waste they had dumped.

The waste was in excess of 500 pounds, making the crime of illegal dumping a felony. Blessinger was arrested and taken to jail. His truck was seized for possible forfeiture.

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