December 12, 2014

Man arrested for tattooing minor

The owner of a Stock Island tattoo parlor was arrested Thursday, charged with tattooing a minor without her parent’s permission.

33 year old Benjamin Morales, the owner of Benny’s Tattoo shop on Stock Island, is accused of tattooing the 16 year old girl without her parent’s permission. Her parents reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office on December 5th after they found out about the illegal tattoo.

Morales told Detective Sheila Seago the girl told him she had just had a birthday and that her parents didn’t care if she got a tattoo. State law requires proof someone is age 18 or older, or proof of parental consent if a person is younger than 18. Morales admitted he never asked for any identification which would have confirmed she was of legal age for the tattoo.

 During the course of the investigation, it was also revealed that Morales did not have the required business licenses to operate his business. He is required to have a State of Florida Establishment License and a State of Florida Artist License. His licenses both expired in September of this year. He was charged with operating without those two licenses and with tattooing a minor without the parent’s permission. He was booked into jail.

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