December 22, 2014

Miami man charged with business burglary

A Miami man was arrested Friday, charged with breaking in to a Key Largo business and attempting to steal a brand new all-terrain vehicle. The incident took place between 10 p.m. on December 13th and 5 a.m. on the 14th.

The owner of the business came to work on the 15th and noticed one of his new ATVs had been moved. It appeared that someone had tried to “hot-wire” the vehicle. When he checked his surveillance camera he saw the crime taking place so he called the Sheriff’s Office. ON the video was a red colored Ford Ranger pickup truck with oversized tires.

Detective Yunier Galvez received information a truck matching that description was at a construction site at the 88 mile marker of the highway. He went to that location and contacted the owner of the truck, 19 year old Christian Mandri of Miami.

When he was questioned, Mandri admitted to entering the business property and attempting to steal the ATV. He said entered the property of Riva Yamaha at the 102.5 mile marker of the highway. He said he attempted to install a battery in the vehicle, which did not have one. He said he brought fuel which he put in the vehicle. He said he brought pieces of wood to use as a ramp to put the vehicle in the back of his truck.

When asked why he didn’t end up taking it, he said “just could not do it”.

Mandri was charged with burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief. He was booked into jail.

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