December 22, 2014

Woman arrested for knife threats

A Big Pine Key woman was arrested Friday night after she threatened to kill a man and his small child.

The victim, his girlfriend and their two small children aged 7 and three months’ rent a room from the suspect, 55 year old Mary Woodrum at her house on Avenue B, Big Pine Key. They told Deputy John Gabay she has been making threats since they moved in two weeks ago. They said she accuses them of going into her bedroom and stealing her cocaine.

On Friday at 10:45 p.m. they were watching television in their room when they heard her yelling. When the victim opened the door, he saw her approaching with a butcher knife pointing at him. She told him she was going to decapitate him and then do the same to his baby. He told his girlfriend to call the Sheriff’s Office.

When Deputy Gabay and Sgt. Trevor Wirth arrived they spoke with Woodrum who said she had just smoked the last of her marijuana and there were no more drugs in the house. She denied making threats with a knife, although admitted making threats. The girlfriend and the 7 year old child, who were both present at the time of the confrontation, confirmed hearing the threats to decapitate her sibling.

Woodrum was charged with aggravated assault and she was taken to jail.

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