January 10, 2015

Men steal flatbed trailer using semi-truck

Two men from Hialeah drove a semi- truck to Marathon and used it to steal a large flatbed trailer. They were caught as they left with it northbound, through Islamorada.

The trailer was a 48 foot flatbed with a forklift on it parked across from Fred’s Beds in Marathon. A friend of the trailer’s owner saw two men hooking it up to a semi-truck at about 10:15 p.m. Friday. He approached them and told them the trailer belonged to Global Disaster Recovery and that he is friends with the owner of the business. The two men told him they were supposed to take the trailer to the weigh station, and they left with it northbound.

The witness called the owner and told him what he’d seen. The owner called the Sheriff’s Office to report his trailer stolen.

A notice to be on the lookout for the trailer was issued over police radios. Deputy Donald Stulken was southbound working an escort detail and spotted the truck and trailer as it passed him. He notified other deputies of its location. Deputy Nick Whiteman was at the 70 mile marker of the highway and pulled in behind the truck as it passed him.

He and other deputies stopped the truck at the 79 mile marker and confirmed it was pulling the stolen trailer. Driving the truck was the truck’s registered owner, 37 year old Agustin Rodriguez of Hialeah. His passenger was identified as 35 year old Dayro Alonso, also of Hialeah.

Both men were arrested and charged with grand theft. The semi-truck was seized for possible forfeiture for its use in the commission of a felony.

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