January 11, 2015

Miami man arrested after stealing boat trailer

Thanks to the sharp eyes of a citizen, a Miami man was arrested Saturday night after stealing a boat trailer with a dinghy on it from Marathon.

Two women were in the area of All Keys Glass in Marathon, near 92nd Street, shortly after 9 p.m. They saw a large dually pickup truck pull up the business and a man hook up to a boat trailer parked there. One of the women knew who the trailer belonged to and asked the man if he bought the trailer from the owner. The man – later identified as 26 year old  Alex Luis of Miami – did not reply to her and drove away with the trailer, which had a dinghy on it.

The women called the trailer owner who said no one had permission to take his trailer. He told the women to call the Sheriff’s Office. A notice to be on the lookout was issued over police radios. Deputy Orlando Alvarez was on patrol and spotted the truck pulling the stolen trailer northbound at the 61 mile marker. He got behind the truck and followed it until Sgt. Ralph Williams was available to help him with the traffic stop. The two officers pulled the vehicle over at the 80 mile marker of the highway.

The trailer was confirmed as the one stolen from Marathon. Luis was placed under arrest. Inside the truck – a 1999 Ford F350 – a search turned up bolt cutters, a sledge hammer and a pair of gloves. The truck was seized for possible forfeiture. Luis was charged with grand theft and possession of burglary tools and he was booked into jail.

Further investigation revealed a man who lives on Summerland Key caught a man driving a large dually truck trying to steal his boat trailer earlier in the evening. When he confronted the man, he fled. The trailer’s owner managed to get a license tag number. The tag number he gave deputies was the same as on the truck driven by Luis. Luis was further charged with trespassing on the man’s property and with attempting to steal his trailer.

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