January 7, 2015

Miami man, visiting family, caught burglarizing vehicles

A Miami man who visited family in Key Largo in November was caught by several people burglarizing vehicles in the neighborhood in which he was staying.

When Deputy Matt Koval responded to a home on Little Miss Muffet Lane on the morning of November 2nd he met with two women who said they were on their balcony at 3:20 a.m. when they heard someone walking around. They looked over the railing and saw a man – later identified as 21 year old Raymond Nunez - on their property. They could see him leaning into one of their vehicles as if getting something from inside. A golf cart was parked in front of the home.

As they watched, a car pulled up and a couple got out. They had a conversation with Nunez and then Nunez left on the golf cart and the couple left as well. The following morning, they checked their vehicle and discovered medication, a wallet and makeup was missing from inside. They then spoke to a neighbor across the street who said his vehicle was also burglarized. He had a surveillance video which showed Nunez’ activities.

Deputy Koval located the car which had been seen the night before, pulling up when Nunez was there. It was parked in the neighborhood, on Humpty Dumpty Lane. The owner of the car said her son had seen Nunez the night before going through her car. She said he stole money from the car. She said she and her son confronted Nunez, asking what he was doing. They questioned him and he told them he was staying with family in the neighborhood. They told him if he didn’t give their money back they would call police. He gave the money back and they let him go.

A search of the surrounding neighborhood turned up a golf cart matching the one Nunez was driving parked at a home on Tweety Pie Lane. The owner of the house identified the suspect deputies were looking for as her grandson, Nunez. In garbage cans near the golf cart, deputies found some of the items stolen from burglarized vehicles.

A warrant was obtained for the arrest of Nunez. On Tuesday, he was booked into jail for three counts burglary of a vehicle and for counts theft.

A reminder: if you see someone acting suspiciously in your neighborhood, call the Sheriff’s Office immediately. Don’t wait until the next day and don’t try confronting the person yourself. In this particular instance, if we had received a call right way, we may have been able to apprehend the suspect as he was perpetrating his crimes and prevented some of these crimes from taking place.

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