January 28, 2015

Two charged with gun threats

Two Marathon residents were arrested Tuesday, charged with threatening another man with a gun.

Deputy Orlando Alvarez responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Manor Lane Friday at 10 p.m. When he arrived, he found a truck along with two men and a woman who appeared to be friends. He also found two handguns on the scene – a .22 caliber Ruger pistol on the ground and an MK2 9 mm pistol in the truck. Both guns were loaded and the one in the truck had a round stuck as if it jammed upon firing.

All three subjects said they had no knowledge of the firearms and they said they were friends and had no problems between them. None of them had outstanding warrants and the guns were checked and were clear. There was a seize tag order on the truck. The tag was seized and the three were allowed to go.

The following day, Saturday, one of the men called and said he wanted to report being threatened with a gun. He said he didn’t report it the night before because he was afraid. He said the man and woman he’d been with the night before, whom he identified as 33 year old Nicole Rice and 26 year old Michael Ivens, had threatened him. He said they were angry at him because they said he was saying bad things about Rice.

He said before deputies arrived, he’d gotten into a confrontation with Ivens, who was wearing surgical gloves and had one of the handguns. He said they struggled over the gun. He said during the struggle, Ivens yelled to Rice, “shoot him.” He said Rice then pointed the second gun at him and pulled the trigger. He said the gun jammed and that is when deputies arrived on the scene.

On Sunday, the victim called the Sheriff’s Office again. He said he’d received threatening calls and text messages from Ivens. During a phone call he said Ivens thanked him for not reporting him, but said he was still going to shoot him. A text message from Ivens which he showed to deputies said “thank you, but I’m still going to shoot you.” He also received several threatening text messages from Rice which he showed to deputies.

Warrants were issued for Rice and Ivens, who were subsequently arrested Tuesday. Both were charged with aggravated assault, carrying concealed firearms and intimidating a witness. 

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