February 16, 2015

Man charged with knife threats

A Stock Island man is in jail after threatening his ex-girlfriend and her boss with a knife.

The victims told Deputy David Lariz 36 year old Yoandry Noa Vega confronted them at their place of work, the CVS store on Stock Island. The ex-girlfriend said she had recently broken up with him and he came to the store at 11:15 a.m. Sunday because she was not answering his text messages. She said he confronted her outside the store and pulled out a knife. She said he cut himself on the arm with the knife.

She retreated into the store, into a back storeroom. He came inside and confronted her there as well. When the store manager and her husband tried to intervene, Noa threatened to hurt them as well.

The victims called the Sheriff’s Office for help and Noa left the scene.

Deputy Matt Dowling went to Noa’s brother”s apartment to look for the suspect and left a card, asking the brother to contact him if he saw Noa. A short time later, Noa contacted the deputy and asked to meet with him. Deputy Dowling met with Noa at apartments on 5th Avenue. He was taken into custody for aggravated assault, battery and trespassing. He was booked into jail.

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