February 26, 2015

Move Over Law

In the photo: today, in Marathon, Sheriff’s deputies conducted an “educational campaign” on the Move-over law. They pulled people over who were in violation and reminded them about the requirement to either move over or slow down when they see an emergency vehicle beside the road with lights actively flashing.

The Move-Over law, Florida Statute 316.126, requires drivers to move over or slow down when passing a law enforcement officer or other emergency services worker who is parked alongside the road with emergency lights flashing.

"Many law enforcement officers in the United States are killed each year while conducting traffic stops because driver's fail to move over, and they hit the officers as they stand roadside," said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. "This Florida law, which has been adopted in almost every state in the country, is an important one and it is one we here in Monroe County take very seriously."

If you are driving and see a police vehicle, ambulance, fire truck, utility vehicle or tow truck with its flashing lights on beside the road, give the emergency responder room to work and make sure they remain safe as they operate. Move over or slow down. It's the law, and the penalty is steep: three points on your license and a significant fine.

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  1. Please focus on impactful law enforcement like drunk drivers, speeding in school zones, repeated violators etc. This is a FL only law which serves little to no purpose (would be interesting to see any data about the impact of this law) which mainly aims to screw up the 90M+ tourist who visit florida