March 5, 2015

Man arrested for battery with bat

A Big Coppitt Key man who hit another man with a bat was arrested Wednesday afternoon.

The 43 year old victim told deputies he had been hired to mow the lawn at a residence on Barcelona Drive when the suspect, 62 year old Donald Perry, drove by and saw him. The victim said Perry stopped and began yelling at him about issues between the victim and Perry’s daughter.

During the confrontation, the victim said Perry pulled a 12 inch long bat out of the waistband of his pants and hit him with it on the back of his head and neck. The victim said he refused to fight and walked away. He said another man with Perry tried to stop Perry as he was hitting the victim.

Deputy Spencer Curry found Perry a short distance away. The bat was found on the front seat of Perry’s truck. Perry said the property the victim was on belongs to him. He said the victim is not allowed on his properties. He said when he confronted the victim about it, the victim was holding a weed whacker in his hands and he said he felt threatened.

A check in Sheriff’s Office computers showed no trespass warning against the victim for the property. A tenant on Perry’s property said she hired the victim to mow her lawn.

Perry was arrested. He was charged with aggravated battery and he was booked into jail. 

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