March 11, 2015

Marathon man charged with injuring cat

A Marathon man was arrested Tuesday night, charged with hitting his mother’s boyfriend and injuring her cat.

The mother of 29 year old Timothy Kummer returned home at 11:30 p.m. with her live-in boyfriend. They found Kummer, who lives there with them, passed out on the couch. He had blood all over him and the family cat was lying on his chest, also bloody and badly injured.

The boyfriend confronted Kummer who became angry and wanted to fight. Kummer began grabbing and swinging at the boyfriend in an attempt to fight with him.

Kummer’s mother said she picked up the cat and it cried in pain and could not walk. The cat was bleeding from its mouth and had swelling over both of its eyes and a cut on the nose.

Deputy Garrett Bragg asked Kummer what he did to the cat and he denied injuring it, saying he had only fed the cat. Kummer had scratches on his face, chest and abdomen with clumps of what looked like cat hair in the dried blood on his body.

Kummer was arrested. He was charged with domestic battery and animal cruelty. The mother took the cat to the veterinarian to be treated for its injuries.

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