March 24, 2015

Motorcyclist with suspended license arrested for fleeing

Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Miami man who fled from them on his motorcycle.

Sgt. Eva n Calhoun heard a notice to be on the lookout over police radios. Key West police were pursuing a motorcycle out of the city, driving 120 miles per hour. Sgt. Calhoun spotted the vehicle as it traveled on MacDonald Avenue still at a high rate of speed. The motorcycle driver, later identified as Alex Mcentee of Miami, refused to stop. He turned onto 3rd Street and then onto U.S. One northbound.

Deputies followed the motorcycle, attempting to pull it over numerous times. Finally, it was spotted turning off the highway onto Blue Water Drive, which is a dead end. Sgt. Calhoun pulled in behind Mcentee who then tried to exit past Sgt. Evan Calhoun’s patrol vehicle. He was unable to. Mcentee laid the motorcycle down on its side and surrendered to the officers.

Mcentee was charged with 2 counts fleeing and eluding police, driving with license suspended (five times), not having a motorcycle endorsement on his license and possession of a suspended license, He was also charged with no motor vehicle registration, attaching a tag not assigned to the vehicle and reckless driving. His motorcycle was seized for possible forfeiture.

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