March 12, 2015

Stock Island man charged with burglary, dealing in stolen property

A Stock Island man was arrested Tuesday for breaking into a car in July of 2014. He stole sunglasses, which he later pawned. He also left something behind: his blood on the backseat which was later used to make a case against him.

On July 18th, Sgt. Ken Fricke responded to a report of a burglary of a 2012 GMC Truck parked overnight on 12th Avenue, Stock Island. The suspect forced entry, causing an estimated $2,000 damage to the truck. Once inside, he stole a $200 pair of Costa Del Mar “special edition” sunglasses. Crime Scene Detective John Underwood developed information the crime may have been committed by someone known on the streets as “White Boy” or “White Boy Ricky”. A description of the suspect led the detective to identify 24 year old Richard Petrick, Jr. as the person who may have broken into the truck.

Further investigation revealed Petrick had pawned a similar pair of sunglasses at the Liquid 8 Pawn Shop. Detective Underwood went to the shop and, while he was inside, Petrick came in to pawn something else. The detective noticed fresh scrapes and cuts on Petrick’s hands and forearms. As he talked with Petrick about the vehicle burglary, Petrick began to sweat and appeared to be nervous.

Based on the evidence developed in the case, a court order was obtained to take a sample of Petrick’s DNA which was then compared to the blood found in the burglarized truck. In February of this year, a report from Florida Department of Law Enforcement revealed the blood found in the truck was Petrick’s. A warrant was obtained for his arrest and on Tuesday, he was booked into jail on charges of burglary of a vehicle, criminal mischief, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

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