April 2, 2015

Arrest for flare gun shooting

A man who lives on board a boat anchored offshore of Key West was arrested Wednesday for firing a flare gun at another man.

Deputy Josh Gordon responded to the area offshore of Wisteria Island in Key West Harbor at 6:15 p.m. with the assistance of the U.S. Coast Guard. He met with the victim, who had called to report the incident. The victim, who was on board his vessel, told Deputy Gordon that the suspect, 37 year old Jason Vest, had shot at him twice with a flare gun. He said the incident took place after a dispute over an anchoring point.

Deputy Gordon spoke with Vest who said he shot the flare gun after the victim rammed his vessel. There was no damage observed to either vessel from the alleged ramming.

The flare gun was found on Vest’s vessel, with the discharged flare still in it. Vest was arrested, charged with two counts aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and he was taken to jail.

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