April 19, 2015

Family disturbance leads to burglary arrest

A family disturbance call resulted in the arrest of a 19 year old who was in possession of stolen property from an early vehicle burglary.

Deputy Andrew Hudson responded to the disturbance on Little Torch Key Friday at 4 p.m. The mother of 19 year old Jesse Bergami said he had taken her car without permission in the early morning hours. She said when he returned home he had property with him that did not belong to him, including a glass container with money inside and a child’s backpack. She said when his sister confronted him about the items, they got into an altercation.

Deputy Hudson recalled a case he investigated earlier in the day. A woman who lives on Little Torch reported someone entered her vehicle and stole a glass container with money inside. The container in Bergami’s possession was identified by that victim as belonging to her.

Bergami was found at his place of work. He was arrested and charged with burglary and theft. Deputy Hudson is still trying to locate the owner of the backpack, which may have come from another vehicle whose owner does not realize it is missing.

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