April 7, 2015

Man arrested for pawn shop burglary

A Marathon man was arrested overnight for burglarizing a local pawn shop.

The suspect, 26 year old Dustin Stewart, reportedly used a hammer to break the front window of Joe’s Cash Flow Pawn Shop. He then entered and stole jewelry from a display case inside. When he broke the glass display case and reached in, he cut his arm on the glass. He left blood drops at the scene.

Stewart then reportedly called another man, who he has worked with in the past. He told the man he’d broken in to the pawn shop, and was going to take the items he’d stolen to Miami to sell the following day. He told the man the door to the shop was open if he wanted to go in and steal items himself.

The man who talked to Stewart told Deputy Ben Elmore he lives with someone who works at the pawn shop and he knows the owner so he called the Sheriff’s Office immediately to report the crime and who committed it.

Deputies Elmore and Garrett Bragg went to Stewart’s home and found him there, with a large cut on his arm. They found a bag of stolen jewelry in his room, along with bloody clothing he’d worn to commit the crime.

Stewart was first transported to Fishermen’s Hospital for treatment of his injury. He was then arrested, charged with criminal mischief, burglary and grand theft and he was taken to jail.

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