April 12, 2015

Man charged with making a false kidnapping report

A Kentucky man was arrested after he falsely reported being kidnapped.

Deputies Matt O’Neill and Kendall Bailey responded at 1:45 p.m. Saturday to meet with 26 year old Joshua Burke who said he’d just escaped from his kidnappers. He said he’d been kidnapped in Key West by two men and a woman driving a white car. He said they drove him to Marathon where he was able to escape and hide from them in a wooded area.

Burke said he was in the Keys with a friend, his friend’s mother and another man. When the deputies interviewed those people, Burke’s story began to unravel. They all said Burke had been with them in Marathon up until 11 a.m. that day. They said they were checking in to a motel in Marathon; Burke and his friend were in the car outside the motel when Burke got out of the car, walked into a wooded area and disappeared.

When confronted with the inconsistencies in his story, Burke finally admitted he’d not been kidnapped. He was charged with making a false police report and he was taken to jail.

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