April 7, 2015

Scam Alert!

We have a report from a Marathon resident yesterday (Monday) who said someone called him and told him there was an arrest warrant for him. The caller ID actually identified the call as coming from one of our Sheriff's substations.

The scammer told him he was going to be arrested tomorrow. But, of course, if he purchased a money gram for $503.98 and sent it to the caller, the arrest would not take place.

The person calling pretends to be law enforcement, however obviously we would never make such a call, nor would we take a money gram to dismiss an arrest warrant.

As Detective Bobby Burkett was taking the report, the scammer called back. When Detective Burkett identified himself over the phone, the scammer hung up the phone.

Do not fall for these types of calls. Law Enforcement agencies do not operate this way. Neither do Utility companies and the IRS says definitively they will NEVER call. Lots of variations on these scams exist - it seems there are more and more lately.

If you have any questions about a call you receive, and whether or not it is a scam, call us immediately at 305-289-2351 and we will help you figure it all out.

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