May 4, 2015

Fraud / Grand theft suspect caught in Ohio

A woman who took part in a scheme to defraud the Tom Thumb convenience store in Key Largo of cash in April was arrested in Ohio.

On April 3rd, the clerk from the Tom Thumb store received a call from someone purporting to be from the store’s corporate office. The caller said he would be sending someone by to pick up cash to pay an invoice, along with two cartons of cigarettes.

A woman later came to the store, said she was the daughter of the person sent by the corporate office, and picked up cash and cigarettes. The clerk later checked with the store manager who told him to call the Sheriff’s Office because she knew the corporate office would never do such a thing.

Surveillance video showed the vehicle the woman arrived in. The Ohio tag was traced to 34 year old Kristy Eiler of Hamilton, Ohio. A photo of Eiler was positively identified by the clerk.

A warrant was issued for her arrest and on April 25th, she was picked up in that state on the Monroe County warrant. She will be returned here to face charges of grand theft and fraud.

Here is a link to her booking information in Hamilton County, Ohio.

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  1. Great so many bed people in the world.. I just thinking just to many people and that's sad but true a lot more criminal activity.. That's why I feel sad the people that are having kids to grow up in today's world..