May 10, 2015

Man arrested for burglary of occupied home

A man from Lehigh Acres, Florida was arrested after he broke a window to gain access to a Marathon home. The man who lives there with his family struggled with him, holding him until deputies arrived.

Sgt. Chuck Kellenberger was first on the scene at the home on 109th Street in Marathon Saturday at 5 a.m. When he arrived, he heard a woman yelling for help. He entered the home and found the suspect being held on the floor by the male victim.

According to the victims, they were sleeping in the bedroom with their one year old son when they heard glass breaking in the room next door, and heard their dog barking. When the male victim opened the bedroom door he saw 30 year old Darvin Cano Murillo rushing at him.

The two men struggled. The victim managed to hold Cano Murillo on the floor until deputies arrived. Cano Murillo was arrested. He lost consciousness during the struggle with the victim so he was transported to Fishermen’s Hospital to be checked out before he was booked into jail. He was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and criminal mischief.

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