May 14, 2015

Stolen rods/reels recovered during search warrant

Sheriff’s detectives recovered rods and reels stolen in two separate boat burglaries during a drug related search warrant Monday.

When Special Investigations detectives served the search warrant at 6529 Maloney Avenue, Lot 14 on Monday, they arrested 40 year old Miguel Chavez on drug charges. While searching the residence, they also found rods and reels in the hallway and in the back yard. The rods and reels were from two boat burglaries that took place at Oceanside Marina on Stock Island. Several of the rods were easily identified because they had been marked with the name of the person they were stolen from.

Chavez told Detective Dave Chavka they were his. He said he bought a few of them new, and the others from “people on the street” for between $10 and $30, well below the estimated value of the equipment.

Chavez was charged Wednesday with two counts dealing in stolen property, in addition to the drug charges he was already facing.

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