May 12, 2015

Woman scammed out of thousands

A Stock Island woman is out a significant amount of money, a victim of a scam.

The victim told Deputy Kim Trullender a man named “Mike” called her. He told her there was a warrant out for her arrest because she failed to show up for a jury summons.

He told her she would be arrested unless she paid a “fine” of $2,700. He told her to visit several stores and send money grams using the “red phone”. She did so, sending money to three separate debit card numbers.

She sent money from two separate CVS Pharmacies. At the last location, the Euro Market on Kennedy Drive, the clerk told the victim she thought something about the situation was strange, but the victim insisted on making the payment anyway.

In a second incident Monday, a woman who lives on Stock Island reported getting a phone call she thought was a scam. She said she got a call from a “Detective Harris” from the “Monroe County Warrants Division”. The caller told her she was in contempt of court and needed to use the “red phone” at a CVS Pharmacy to pay a fine of $1,900 or she would be arrested. She did not comply with the scammer’s request and instead, reported it to the Sheriff’s Office.

Do not fall for these types of calls. Law enforcement agencies do not operate this way. Neither do utility companies and the IRS says definitively they will NEVER call. Lots of variations on these scams exist - it seems there are more and more lately.

If you have any questions about a call you receive, and whether or not it is a scam, call us immediately at 305-289-2351 and we will help you figure it all out.

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