June 17, 2015

Dog rescued from owner who beat, starved and hung him by his leash

A small Chihuahua mix named “Batman” is in a better place today after being rescued from his abusive owner.

 At 6:10 p.m. Tuesday, Deputy Garrett Bragg responded to City Marina in Marathon to reports a drunk man was abusing his dog. Witnesses told Deputy Bragg that 51 year old David Gross picked his dog up by its leash and was hanging him, bouncing the dog up and down and hitting him. Gross was threatening to throw the dog into the water and threatening to kill him. The dog was reportedly crying and choking as he was being abused.

A check on Gross in computers revealed he is a convicted felon in both Michigan and that he failed to register in Monroe County as such.

Animal Control officers responded. They told deputy Bragg Batman is very thin, malnourished and that his right front leg appears to have been broken and not reset properly. They took custody of the dog. Gross was booked into jail on charges of Felony animal cruelty, causing an animal pain and suffering and failing to register as a convicted felon.

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