June 8, 2015

Sheriff’s App: receive immediate notifications on your Smartphone

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office App, available for smartphone and tablet users, allows the Sheriff’s Office to send messages to app users when something important takes place. An example: during the accident and road closure at the 59 mile marker on Sunday, users received a number of notifications and updates about the traffic situation.

“We use this feature to reach out to people when something important takes place; perhaps a major accident which is expected to close the road for a significant period, or a brush fire in the everglades which might affect the highway, or even during hurricanes when we need to reach out with important updates. We can also use the notifications to warn people in certain areas of the Keys when a crime spree happens – recent marine related thefts are one example,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay.

The Sheriff’s App is available for both Android based phones and for IPhone. It works on both types of tablet computers as well. It includes the ability to view arrests and mug shots for the past seven days, to view the Sheriff’s WebCAD (live calls for service), to see sexual offenders and predators and allows people to browse the Sheriff’s Office Blog, Twitter feed and Facebook postings. People can send in a Crime Stoppers Tip on the app and it also features the ability to communicate by email with many of the Sheriff’s command staff.

It also has a list of sexual predators and offenders. Users can see their locations on a map as well as narrow their search by zip code.

“I think the app is a useful tool for those interested in keeping up with what we do and with what is happening in their community,” said the Sheriff.

So far, over 6,500 people have downloaded the app. To find it just visit the Google Play store or the Apple Store and search for “Monroe County Sheriff’s Office”. There are links on the Sheriff’s Office website as well: www.keysso.net. The app was created by TheSheriffApp.com.

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