June 1, 2015

Two charged with lying after traffic accident

Two people were arrested Saturday afternoon after they lied about who was driving a vehicle involved in a traffic crash.

Deputy Greg Korzen responded to the crash site at U.S. One and the south end of College Road on Stock Island just before 1 p.m. A Chevy truck rear-ended a Hyundai Sonata at the traffic light. A woman identified herself as the driver of the truck. There were three other people in the truck. One of them – 31 year old James Moody of Atlantic Beach, Florida – turned out to be the actual driver at the time of the crash.

During his investigation, Deputy Korzen spoke with the driver of a vehicle which was also stopped at the light. The witness – who is a Border Patrol agent and former state trooper – said he saw the crash occur. He said immediately following the crash, he saw Moody climb into the back seat of the truck and saw the woman move from the front passenger seat to the driver’s seat.

When Deputy Korzen interviewed everyone in the truck, they all insisted the woman was driving. He finally confronted the woman with the information he had from the witness. She finally admitted she was not driving and Moody was. A second man in the truck – 23 year old Timothy Woodward of Merritt Island, Florida – continued to insist Moody was not driving even after being informed about the witness.

A check on Moody’s driving history showed multiple DUI arrests and multiple license suspensions. He was arrested and charged with driving with his license suspended with knowledge, giving false information during a crash investigation, having no proof of insurance and following too close. Woodward was also arrested and issued a notice to appear in court on charges of allowing an unauthorized person to operate his motor vehicle.

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