June 11, 2015

Two charged with marine violations

A Sheriff’s Office marine deputy, patrolling the Tom’s Harbor Cut Bridge Wednesday caught two Key Largo men spearing and wringing the tails of lobster.

Deputy Wilfredo Guerra was on the bridge at 1:45 p.m. looking directly down at the two men as they were spearing, wringing and placing the tails in a blue mesh bag. He followed them as they swam to shore. He inspected the bag and found a total of 60 wrung tails.

The man – identified as 49 year old Wayne Tuckus and his son, 20 year old Stuart Tuckus – were both arrested. The father told Deputy Guerra he is a commercial fisherman and has been arrested on the same charges in the past.

Both men were charged with having undersized lobster, out of season lobster, illegally speared lobster, over the limit lobster, having wrung tails in the water and with spearfishing within 100 yards of a fishing bridge. They were booked into jail.

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