June 8, 2015

Update on in-custody death: toxicology report indicates high level of cocaine in Clifford Greene’s blood

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement brought Sheriff Rick Ramsay up to date today in their ongoing investigation into the in-custody death of Clifford Greene. Greene died after being placed under arrest on April 8th after a traffic stop in Key Largo.

The preliminary toxicology report from the Medical Examiner’s office indicates a high level of cocaine present in Greene’s blood.

Greene was being transported to jail in the back of a Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle when he had what appeared to be a seizure. Deputy Thomas Hill, who was driving the patrol car, immediately stopped and rendered aid to Greene, but Greene subsequently died at Mariner’s Hospital. Deputy Hill reported finding a cellophane bag in Greene’s mouth with a white powdery substance in it. The bag was recovered and is being tested at an FDLE lab in Fort Myers.

“All of the information I have is consistent with an accidental overdose of cocaine,” said Sheriff Ramsay. “I have reviewed the audio and video evidence and I have not seen or heard any indication there was a struggle of any kind in the apprehension, arrest, or transport of Mr. Greene. While we will have to wait until the conclusion of the independent FDLE investigation and subsequent review by the State Attorney’s Office, it does not appear there was any wrongdoing on the part of the deputies involved,” Sheriff Ramsay said.

The FDLE investigation into Greene’s death is continuing.

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  1. (Clifford Green's daughter, Shynesse Greene) My father's background has nothing to do with this case at all. He had bruises & healing wounds, so how do you all explain that? He was not known to get into any fights or confrontations. Only God knows what happen & you all aren't getting away with this one at all. So you all can try to twist stories around & put out false information, but I will get justice for my dad. You all are not police officers, you all are cowards. The Greene Family is not scared of you all ! I will see you in court! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!