July 27, 2015

Man arrested for misuse of 911

A Stock Island man was arrested Sunday night for repeatedly calling 911 after being warned not to do so. He also threatened to shoot police officers and caused a disturbance  at the trailer where he resides with a number of other people.

The problems with 42 year old Peter Hawxhurst started earlier in the day when he called the Sheriff’s Office angry with his ex-girlfriend. He said she took his keys and said he was going to do something that would cause him to go to jail. His ex-girlfriend then called the Sheriff’s Office to say he would not leave her alone and he was harassing her on the phone and with text messages.

Deputies Wendy Negron and Jorge Prince responded to Roy’s Trailer Park on Stock Island to the trailer where Hawxhurst lives. They warned him to leave her alone. He told the deputies she had his keys, then said she didn’t have them. He became irate and told the officers they would be returning to deal with him later.

His prediction came true when one of the men who lives in the same trailer called just before 10 p.m. to say Hawxhurst was pounding on the walls and yelling. When the deputies responded again and tried to talk to Hawxhurst, he closed his bedroom door in their faces and told them obscenely to leave the property. They tried several more times to talk to him but he refused to come out.

As the deputies were trying to talk with him, Hawxhurst began calling 911. He was advised not to call because he didn’t have an emergency. Sgt. Evan Calhoun then called Hawxhurst himself to tell him to stop calling 911 or he would be arrested. During the phone conversation, Hawxhurst threatened to kill law enforcement officers with guns.

Hawxhurst’s ex-girlfriend showed up on the scene and attempted to calm him. She went into his bedroom with him and the deputies could hear him yelling and screaming at her. Sgt. Calhoun responded to the mobile home. As he was standing outside Hawxhurst’s door, he overheard Hawxhurst say he was going to grab his gun and shoot law enforcement officers. At that point, fearing he might hurt his ex-girlfriend or hurt someone else, the officers forced their way in the door and placed him under arrest.

He began fighting with the deputies who were trying to handcuff him. As he was being transported to jail he made more threats to kill police. He was charged with misuse of the 911 system and resisting arrest.

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