July 21, 2015

Two clerks charged with multiple fraud counts

Sheriff’s detectives arrested two convenience store clerks Monday, charging them with multiple counts of credit card fraud.

Detective Bob Dosh conducted the fraud investigation with the cooperation of the Tom Thumb Food Stores and Capital Bank. The investigation began after the Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports of people using their credit cards at the Tom Thumb store on Plantation Key, where both women work. The victims told Detective Dosh within hours of using their cards at the store, their cards were fraudulently used in other locations.

During the course of the investigation, and with the cooperation of the Tom Thumb  store and corporate office, Detective Dosh reviewed video of the clerks working at the store. He also send an employee of Capital Bank, posing undercover as a customer and using a decoy credit card and observed how the clerks processed the card. He also interviewed employees of the store. All of the information gathered during the investigation led to warrants being issued for 30 year old Magalene Fremont and 26 year old Diamonique Owens, both of Florida City. The investigation revealed the two women would take pictures of customer’s credit cards using smart phones in order to record the credit card information for later use.

In a statement, Tom Thumb Director of Operations Rick Klyczek said, “Tom Thumb is extremely grateful to the Monroe County Sherriff’s Office for allowing us to participate in the undercover investigation of alleged fraud being committed by two Tom Thumb employees. Tom Thumb takes great care in protecting our customers from fraud and we will continue to do so by monitoring our processes and working in partnership with the Monroe County Sherriff’s Office. The two employees arrested do not represent the many outstanding Tom Thumb employees who regularly display a high level of integrity and discipline while serving thousands of customers each day.”

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