August 13, 2015

Deputy, Plumber help elderly resident

Yesterday, Traffic Deputy David Fernandez came into contact with elderly Stock Island resident Adela Hernandez. She was looking for someone to help her with a plumbing leak in her trailer. She has no family and lives on a fixed income, and did not know what to do or who to call. Deputy Fernandez lept into action.
First he turned off her water to keep the leak to a minimum. He then began making phone calls. Deputy Vicki Lockwood, always willing to help, called Key West Plumbing President Blane Barroso and he graciously offered to fix the plumbing problem at no cost for this needy Keys citizen. Deputy Fernandez also called Monroe County Social Services to see what help they could offer her. The wonderful folks in that office will be visiting Ms. Hernandez to see what services she needs as well.
Very quickly, her immediate problem was solved and her future will hopefully be brighter with the help of county social services. Kudos to everyone who recognized the problem and jumped in to help. In the photo is Blane Barroso with Ms. Hernandez.

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