August 13, 2015

Reminder: We are still out patrolling on the water and land for marine violations

On Sunday, Deputy Nick Whiteman responded to the 7 mile bridge for a car that was parked in a no parking area, on the embankment on the bayside of the bridge. The driver was in the process of leaving when the deputy stopped him. Deputy Whiteman asked 25 year old Allan Bueno of Miami if he could check the cooler in his vehicle for lobster. Inside, Deputy Whiteman found eight lobster, six of which were undersized. Bueno was charged with possession of six undersized lobster and possession of two lobster over the limit.

·       On Monday, Deputy Martin Digrius stopped two men snorkeling in the vicinity of Whale Harbor Bridge. One of the men, 25 year old Christopher Jualio of Hialeah, had a bag of lobster which he said he’d measured. When Deputy Digrius measured them, he found four were undersized. Jualio told the deputy he did not know the proper way to measure lobster. The deputy reminded Jualio he’d shown him the proper way to measure lobster in January when he was previously cited for undersized lobster in the same location. Jualio received a citation for possessing four undersized lobster.

·       On Wednesday, Deputy Nelson Sanchez was on marine patrol offshore of the 85 mile marker on the Bayside and stopped a vessel for a safety inspection. He found two undersized lobster on board. The owner of the boat, 20 year old Kyle Tvenstrup of Loxahatchee, Florida, was cited for possession of the undersized lobster.

·       On Wednesday, Deputy Nelson was patrolling the area of Whale Harbor Channel when he spotted a vessel towing a snorkeler with no dive flag displayed. On board the vessel, he found five undersized lobster. 32 year old Ryland Musick of Chiefland, Florida received citations for possession of the undersized lobster and diving without a dive flag.

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