August 13, 2015

Stock Island man charged with business burglary

A Stock Island man, already in jail on multiple burglary charges, was charged with burglarizing a Stock Island grocery store in February. DNA evidence left at the scene led to his arrest.

On February 28th the owner of DeLuna Grocery on Maloney Avenue, Stock Island arrived at work to find the business had been broken into. Suspects had smashed a window on the side of the building to get inside. Once inside, they took over $3,000 worth of merchandise. One of the suspects also consumed a bottle of Mango juice, leaving the empty container behind.

Testing of the bottle turned up DNA which was identified as belonging to 24 year old Barrington Patterson III of Stock Island. Patterson, who was already in jail for multiple burglaries, was further charged with burglarizing DeLuna Grocery and charged with grand theft.

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