September 14, 2015

Detectives say two ATM machines discovered with skimming devices

The  photo shows one of the ATM machines with the skimming device attached.

Sheriff’s detectives are investigating two cases in the Upper Keys were skimming devices were placed on ATM machines.

Both ATM machines were at Bank of Americas, one at the 99 mile marker and one at the 92.2 mile marker. The skimmer devices were placed over top of the card slots on the machines. One device was discovered by a customer Sunday morning at the 99 mile marker who put her card into the slot and it was not returned. The ATM machine’s screen gave a warning about the cards protection. The customer subsequently discovered the skimmer device on top of the card slot – according to the report he said it appeared “flimsy” and he was able to just peel it off.

Deputies checked other ATM machines in the area and discovered the illegal device installed on the machine at the 92.2 mile marker.

Bank of America security personnel were notified and will be working with Sheriff’s detectives to discover who might have placed the devices on the machines. They will also be reviewing their surveillance tapes to see if any customers’ cards may have been compromised. The bank reportedly checks their machines regularly to ensure they are not compromised and last checked these machines Friday.

These skimmer devices can be very hard to detect and can look very similar to the card slots on the machines themselves. It is important to be alert to anything out of the ordinary when using your card. Skimmers have been found on ATM machines as well as inside gas pumps at various convenience stores in the Keys and elsewhere.

It is also very important to check the activity on your credit and debit cards frequently to catch any unusual or illegal activity that might be taking place as early as possible.

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