September 2, 2015

Man arrested for selling boat trailer illegally

A Key Largo man was arrested Tuesday, charged with forging someone else’s name on the title of a boat trailer and selling it without the owner’s permission.

The owner of the 30 foot Load Master trailer was storing it at the Snake Creek Marina. She told Sgt. Eric Mixon she’d been dealing at the marina with a man named Abraham Vaught. She said at one point, Vaught offered to buy the trailer for $1,400 but she refused because she thought it was worth more than that.

She said she went to the marina on July 20th and found the trailer missing. She went to the local tag office and found the trailer had been sold and was registered in the name of a woman who lives in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Detective Yunier Galvez was assigned to investigate and he spoke to the trailer’s new owner. She said she’d recently bought a boat from Snake Creek Marina. She said she’d been dealing with Vaught at the marina, who identified himself as the marina manager. She said she also purchased a trailer from him.

She said as she was purchasing the trailer, she saw Vaught sign the name “Michael Smith” as the seller on the bill of sale. When she asked why he was signing someone else’s name, he said he had power of attorney to do so. She said she paid Vaught $2,000 for the trailer and then registered it in her name using the bill of sale he gave her.

Detective Galvez obtained a warrant for the arrest of 34 year old Michael Abraham Vaught. He was charged Tuesday with two counts of grand theft, dealing in stolen property, forgery and uttering a false or forged document.

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