September 3, 2015

Man arrested for using another’s debit card, ID

A Marathon man was arrested Wednesday after an alert convenience store clerk noticed he was using someone else’s debit card and identification in an attempt to make purchases.

Deputy Kendall Bailey was dispatched to Dion’s convenience store on 14th street at 10:30 a.m. When he arrived he met with the store clerk, who handed over a debit card and driver’s license which she obtained from a man trying to make a purchase at the store. The ID did not belong to the man trying to use it.

When the deputy asked 53 year old Vincent Desilvis about it, Desilvis said the man whose ID he was using asked him to pick some things up at the store for him.

Further investigation revealed Desilvis had the man’s entire wallet. When the owner of the wallet was contacted, he responded to Dion’s to claim his property. He told Deputy Bailey he does not know Desilvis, nor did he give him permission to use his card and ID. He said he lost his wallet the day before and had been looking for it ever since.

Desilvis was arrested. He was charged with possession and use of the stolen driver’s license, fraudulent use of another person’s identification and theft.

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