September 1, 2015

Sheriff announces staff changes

In the photo, left to right: James Norman, Lee Ann Holroyd, Chad Scibilia, Lou Caputo, Tim Age, Sheriff Ramsay, Tommy Taylor, Anne Sweeney, Jon Crane and Todd Silvers.

Sheriff Rick Ramsay announced today several promotions to fill existing and upcoming vacancies in his law enforcement and corrections bureaus.

Colonel Bill Cameron recently retired leaving the position of second-in-command vacant at the Sheriff’s Office. To fill the position, Sheriff Ramsay today promoted Law Enforcement Bureau Chief Major Lou Caputo to the rank of colonel.

To fill Caputo’s position in charge of the Bureau of Law Enforcement, Sheriff Ramsay promoted long-time Captain Chad Scibilia, who previously headed up the Professional Standards Division, commanding the Internal Affairs Unit and the Law Enforcement Accreditation Unit.

To fill  Scibilia’s shoes, Sheriff Ramsay has promoted Lt. Lee Ann Holroyd to Captain of Professional Standards. Holroyd will be moving from her position in charge of the Special Investigations Division.

To replace Holroyd in Special Investigations, Sgt. James Norman will be promoted to that lieutenant’s position. He previously held the position of sergeant in charge of the Major Crimes Unit.

Bureau of Corrections Commander, Major Tommy Taylor will be retiring from his position. . He was given the honorary title of lieutenant colonel as he prepares to leave the agency.  Appointed to replace him as major is Tim Age, currently captain of the bureau.

Two current corrections lieutenants, Jon Crane and Anne Sweeney, will be promoted to the rank of captain; Captain Crane  will run the corrections operations at the main jail facility while Captain Sweeney will be in charge of administrative operations.

Only one of the vacant lieutenant positions will be filled. The other will be eliminated. The new lieutenant position will be filled by the promotion of Detention Sgt. Todd Silvers.

These moves leave two vacant sergeant positions which will be filled in coming weeks.

“I look forward to working with all of these deserving people in their new positions,” said Sheriff Ramsay. “They have all worked hard for many years here at the Sheriff’s Office and I know they will continue to do so as they move forward with their careers. I congratulate all of them, and challenge them to continue to bring their talents and their expertise to the citizens of Monroe County and to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.”

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