September 12, 2015

Tavernier man charged with fleeing at high speeds

A Tavernier man is in jail after he fled from deputies at speeds up to 60 miles an hour over the speed limit.

At 2:15 a.m. today, Sgt. Jason Madnick was at the 105 mile marker when a dark colored truck passed him northbound at a very high speed. Sgt. Madnick’s radar showed the truck was traveling at 106 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone. He turned on his lights and siren in an attempt to stop the truck.

The truck turned onto State Road 905, heading toward Card Sound Road. Sgt. Madnick called for backup officers to head in his direction because the truck was not stopping and was, in fact, speeding up.

The truck turned into the Gulfstream Shores subdivision, on Palm Drive. As the backup officers arrived on scene, the 2007 Toyota truck was found parked at the end of Gulfstream Drive, engine off, windows rolled down and keys in the ignition.

A search of the area turned up the driver, hiding in bushes nearby. 23 year old Phillip Bryan of Tavernier was charged with fleeing and eluding police and received a speeding citation for 61 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

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