September 4, 2015

Woman stabbed during dispute

A Grassy Key woman was cut with a knife and another woman was booked into jail for stabbing her Thursday night.

Deputy Garrett Bragg and Sgt. Chuck Kellenberger responded to a Grassy Key home several times during the course of the evening before the stabbing took place. The victim, who lives in the home at the 59 mile marker, told the officers her boyfriend’s parents are visiting and she does not get along with the mother, 64 year old Samantha Freeman, from Weatherford, Texas.

At one point, the victim called her boyfriend and threatened to throw all his belongings outside. His parents went to the house in an attempt to stop her from destroying their son’s belongings. Deputies arrived on the scene as Freeman was removing a screen from a window in an attempt to get into the house.

The last time Deputy Bragg and Sgt. Kellenberger responded, at 8 p.m., they found the 25 year old victim bleeding from a large cut on her right forearm. She told the deputy Freeman had punched her in the throat, had stabbed her with a knife and had threatened repeatedly to kill her.

Interviews with those who were present – the victim, the victim’s boyfriend and his parents – gave varying accounts of what took place leading up to the stabbing.

Freeman was placed under arrest. She was charged with battery, aggravated assault and aggravated battery. The victim was treated for her injuries.

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