October 8, 2015

Crime prevention equipment goes to KWPD

The Sheriff’s Office turned over $64,000 worth of crime prevention related equipment to the Key West Police Department today. The equipment – meant to benefit both the KWPD and the citizens of Key West – was purchased using county crime prevention funds from fees collected on criminal court cases.
The items purchased for KWPD included:
A large speed monitoring trailer.
Six Rapid ID fingerprint scanners.
10 desktop computers to be used for Police Athletic League after school tutoring.
360 bike helmets, bike locks and bike lights.

The speed monitoring trailer is normally parked alongside a roadway and measures the speed of cars approaching. The sign tells the driver his or her speed, flashing red to warn speeding drivers to slow down. Law enforcement agencies commonly use them in areas where they have received many speeding complaints. It can record the number of cars passing and their speeds as well, so officers can assess how serious the problem in that area might be.

The Rapid ID fingerprint scanners allow officers in the field to take someone’s fingerprint and run it through national and state fingerprint databases.

Some of the same equipment was also purchased for the Sheriff’s Office use, including fingerprint scanners and speed monitoring signs.

“The goal of our agencies is the same: to help protect people and to prevent crime whenever possible,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “To that end, we all win when our collective agencies are well equipped and have the right tools,” he said. “Criminals don’t pay attention to jurisdictional boundaries. We deal with many of the same people and many of the same types of crime and preventing a crime in the city or the county benefits us all.”

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