October 29, 2015

Husband and wife arrested for bad checks

A Marathon man and his wife are both in jail after they attempted to defraud Capital bank of over $4,000.

According to reports by Detective Scott Ward, 33 year old Dayna Rodriguez Alvarez wrote three checks to her husband 30 year old Raymond Martinez. Two of the checks were for $2,000 and one for $958. He then deposited the checks in his bank account and then made withdrawals from the same account for over $4,000. She admitted she knew the account she wrote the checks on did not have enough funds to cover the checks. He admitted knowing the checks were not covered by sufficient funds when he deposited them and subsequently withdrew the money.

They both said they needed money to pay bills, including paying rent and a bondsman. They both said they intended to repay the money once they received their tax refund from the IRS.

When Capital Bank discovered the scheme on October 14th, they contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

Detective Scott Ward obtained warrants for their arrest. On Wednesday, they were both charged with three counts each of grand theft and fraud. They were booked into jail.

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