October 29, 2015

Key Largo businessman arrested for credit card fraud

A Key Largo businessman is accused of stealing his customer’s credit card numbers and using them to commit credit card fraud.

27 year old Robin “Kiki” Bugallo is the co-owner of the Magic Salon in Key Largo. According to Detective Bob Dosh, Bugallo is accused of using his customer’s credit card numbers to make purchases at other businesses.

He was caught after a female victim noticed a charge on her credit card she did not make. She went to the business where her credit card was used – The Juice House - and spoke with the owner, explaining to him what happened. The owner of The Juice House was able to look at his records and determine who used her credit card. He identified that person as Bugallo. He also discovered Bugallo had used several other credit cards fraudulently at his business. He then called the  Sheriff’s Office to report the illegal activity.

After investigating the allegations, and interviewing victims, witnesses and the suspect in the case, Detective Dosh obtained a warrant for Bugallo’s arrest. On Wednesday, he was arrested and charged with one count each of using another person’s identification without consent and fraudulent use of a credit card. 

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