October 28, 2015

Marathon Halloween and trick-or-treating Information

The ever increasing popularity of Halloween behind the airport in Marathon has garnered some safety concerns. Having this in mind Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Marathon are working closely to reduce and/or eliminate such concerns.

In past years motorists have parked on the right-of-way shoulder and on the bike path running parallel along Aviation Blvd. This year parking will be prohibited on the right-of-way in this area. Parking arrangements have been made with the airport manager and parking for this event will take place at the south end or west end of the airport property.

Visitors will enter the gate located on Aviation Blvd; the Sheriff's Office will have an officer present to direct you to the proper parking area. Two county school buses have been hired to shuttle all trick or treat visitors from this parking location to the neighborhood event. The shuttles will run from 6pm to 11pm. Those who choose to park and walk may do so by utilizing the bike path.

The Sheriff’s Office will also limit vehicular traffic through the neighborhood. Those who live in the area and can produce valid Identification showing their residence address will be permitted.

Safety during community events such as this one is a primary factor for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Marathon. We ask that you share this information and help us keep this event fun and safe for everyone.

Officers will be working throughout the “Fish Bowl” area to maintain order, assure safety to give directions to motorists. Thank you for your cooperation.         

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