October 25, 2015

Palm Beach man charged with credit card fraud

A Palm Beach Gardens man was arrested Saturday for credit card fraud.

The victim of the fraud called the Sheriff’s Office from St. Louis, Missouri. He said he’d gotten alerts for possible fraudulent use of his credit card. He said the alerts indicated the card number was being used in Monroe County, Florida. One of the charges was for Amara Cay Resort in Islamorada. There were several other charges in Monroe County as well.

Deputy Caridad Bellon went to Amara Cay Resort and confirmed someone had made a reservation in person using the card number in question at 7:15 a.m. The victim said the card number was also used to make a reservation over the phone at Yankee Freedom in Key West. The victim called Yankee Freedom offices and let them know about the fraud.

The suspect showed up in the Yankee Freedom offices at 3 p.m. on Saturday and, because the employees knew about the fraud, they were able to capture the vehicle registration information for the car the suspect was driving. They also got a detailed description of him, all of which they relayed to the Sheriff’s Office.

Later in the day, the car was spotted traveling northbound on the highway and turning into the Amara Cay parking lot. Sgt. Mike DiGiovanni made contact with the vehicle and its occupants, including the suspect , Javier Hernan Lopez Montoya, and several of his family members.

Lopez-Montoya had possession of a credit card with the card number in question on it. He also had several pieces of identification in different names, and several other credit cards that either had no names or had other names on them.

He was placed under arrest. He was charged with illegally using a fraudulent credit card to obtain goods, use or possession of another person’s identification without consent, use of fraudulent identification, possession of an altered credit card and use of a fraudulent use of a credit card.

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